Baxter’s Typical Day

Our dog loving guests (and there are many of you) frequently inquire about our Golden Retriever, Baxter, who is almost three but still very much a puppy. Since we are often asked by our guests, “How is Baxter and what is he doing?”  we wanted to share with you a typical day in the life of Baxter, our B & B dog.
When I come downstairs each morning to begin breakfast preparations, Baxter is usually still asleep and I may be greeted with eyes opening (and if I am lucky a head raised) to acknowledge I have come into the room. He usually continues sleeping until Bill arrives to set the table and light the candles for the day’s breakfast.

Baxter and Bill enjoy a picturesque walk near the Bucknell University campus (about a two-mile loop) to get rid of some of Baxter’s energy and to check out what’s happening with BU students who usually stop to exclaim over his cuteness and to give him a pet.

Home again for a late morning breakfast and, with all that activity, a nap.  (It’s a dog’s life!)

Baxter enjoys watching the antics of the squirrels in our backyard and one or two neighborhood cats which saunter by our kitchen windows to taunt him.  He also often accompanies Bill on errands in the car.  Unlike some dogs, he loves a ride in the car and never hesitates to go.

Late afternoon he gets another two-mile walk, sometimes a different route, but always new smells and other dogs to greet along with folks returning from their day or just out for a stroll themselves.  He always checks out other neighbors’ yards in case one of the other neighborhood dogs might be around.  (Toby, a Golden Doodle, is a special friend who lives nearby.)  Unfortunately, Baxter has learned to escape our back yard even though it’s fenced, there is one portion which has a low brick wall that he has learned to climb over.  So for his own safety he cannot be left in the backyard without supervision.

On weekends many of our guests ask to say “hello” to Baxter. He is always eager to comply–the more love and attention he can get, the better.  Some have even been known to bring treats for him.  (As I mentioned before, a dog’s life is not that bad!)

Please feel free to ask for Baxter on your next stay with us.  He delights in the attention and love you bring to him and we delight in getting to see you again also.  See you soon.IMG_0285